Buff® Polar Reversible Blaise


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The warmest, reversible polar neckwear for winter.
The warmest, reversible polar neckwear for winter with two layers of fleece.
Double layer, lofted insulation construction.

The warmest, reversible polar neckwear for winter with two layers of fleece, made using 97% recycled content. Double layer, lofted insulation construction delivers a comfortable fit to hold body heat in, keeping you warm and cozy all through freezing season.

Comfort and thermal warmth combine in a soft, cozy fleece fabric.

One product, two different styles. Enjoy more and combine it better thanks to its two different patterns.

Made with 97% of recycled content.

Fabric wicks sweat and moisture to exterior where it can evaporate or be absorbed by outer layers away from the head.

Designed to wick away moisture in an efficient and fast way. Ideal for high intensity activities. 


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